Our Core Values


Passion for our Residents


New values are being set by our new management at the Queensborough...we have six core principles that are the driving force behind the way we do business every day.

We maintain a constant focus on our company values which are the foundation of everything we do – from corporate decision making to resident relations. These standards of success are part of how we are redefining excellence in apartment living. 

Our success is also based on our strict adherence to the six core principles, inspired by insight from our own team members, that make up the backbone of the Queensborough...Community, Service, Value, Passion, Integrity and Teamwork. Together with these values we are creating a road map for our decisions and a benchmark for our actions.

  • Community    
     A group of people who share the same interests, support one another, feel a sense of belonging and identify with the same place in which they call home. 
  • Service
     Working hard and efficiently to not just meet the needs of our customers, but to go above and beyond by anticipating needs, providing solutions and delivering results. 
  • Value
     Creating a worthwhile living, investing and working experience through our commitment to enhancing our communities, while making the people we work with feel appreciated. 
  • Passion
     Conveying enthusiasm, drive and a great attitude while doing something that you love and taking pride in all that you accomplish. 
  • Integrity
     Being ethically unyielding, honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions. 
  • Teamwork
     A commitment to common goals based on open and honest communication while showing concern and support for each other.